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by on April 18, 2019

Everyone face hair fall once in life because this is the phase of the hair growth cycle. But the majority of people face this hair loss condition due to some lifestyle habits which may lead to hair thinning or baldness. This type of baldness only is treated with medications or medicated procedures such as hair transplant. Since hair transplant is the most effective hair loss treatment for men who have bald spots and are unable to treat their this condition with herbal remedies or certain types of medications. You have the first concern it with your doctor so that he can examine you and reason behind the hair thinning.

Reasons behind Hair Thinning in Men

There are several reasons behind hair thinning in men include smoking, over-consumption of liquor, depression, male pattern baldness, a certain type of medication, and some other health conditions. These factors may worsen your condition over time if you do not treat them on time because these are factors which are responsible to increase your hair fall problem. Prior to the treatment, you must understand all these causes well so that you can treat your hair loss problem according to the reason behind this.

Male Pattern Baldness

This is eth condition which can cause due to many health conditions or bad lifestyle habits. You must first converse with your doctor so that he can tell you about the male pattern baldness properly. Male pattern is not the problem of only you but many people suffer this hair loss condition. The main and primary sign of this condition is bald spots or receding hairline. If you notice any one of the sign then must consult the doctor.

Smoking and Over-Consumption of Liquor

Smoking is also responsible for hair thinning in men because nicotine which is present in cigars harm your hair follicles and prevent hair growth. Smoking is the not only drug which harms your head and hair but alcohol also affects your hair growth. If you are a regular smoker or alcoholic then immediately quit them, otherwise, it will lead to male pattern baldness.

Medical Conditions

Certain types of medicines or medical procedure lead to hair thinning. If you are suffering from depression and high blood pressure then the medicines of both these problems can cause hair fall. Or people who take the treatment of cancer such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy are most likely who face this hair thinning problem.

Poor Lifestyle Habits

Poor lifestyle habits include not consuming a proper diet and over-styling your hair. These are not enough to define hair fall in men but also reveals the same type of deficiencies. If you are suffering from iron or protein insufficiency then you must experience hair thinning. Since our hair are made of keratin which is basically a protein. This protein is helpful to stimulate hair follicles and these follicles play an important role in the hair growth cycle.

Moreover, if you are taking more processed foods and foods that contain preservatives then you will surely experience the problem of hair thinning.

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Topics: hair health, beauty
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