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Adam Alford
March 15, 2021
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If you love to travel and explore new places of the world, our quiz is certainly going to interest you. visit our website:

In which Turkish controlled- Cypriot city will you find a church dedicated to Archangel Michael?
Which locality in Munich has earned the nickname “ the French Quarter” due to its quiet, tranquil feel?
Which Italian city will you find the legendary Galleria Dei Uffizi?
Which Florentine neighbourhood houses Michelangelo’s famous work “David” ?
Which American city is famous for being called “ The Big Apple” ?
Which area in Berlin is home to the famous Brandenburg Gate?
In which Moscow neighbourhood will you find the Kremlin, the former seat of the Soviet government?
Which city in the Czech Republic will you find the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord?
In which Swiss city will you find the Musee de Carouge?
In which part of Amsterdam will you find the Van Gogh Museum?
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