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Adam Alford
July 14, 2021
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Are you keen to know how much you know about the city of Frankfurt? Take this quiz and see how much you know about Germany's most beautiful city. Let us get started! For more info visit https://thisho

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Frankfurt's financial area has a well-known skyline. But what is the height of the highest skyscraper?
When people ask for "Jöst-Hüttchen," what do they get?
What is the height of the renowned Römerberg?
What is Frankfurt best recognised for?
When Frankfurters see this on their table, they are not pleased
Frankfurt is the financial capital of which country?
The Frankfurt Book Fair is held in which month?
Frankfurt is the largest city in Hesse, yet it is not the state capital. Which spa town get this honour?
St. Boniface, Germany's patron saint is buried in the state of Hesse. In which city’s cathedral would you find his tomb?
The only city in Germany with a notable skyline is
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