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Adam Alford
January 14, 2022
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Go ahead and test your knowledge of industrial furniture and appliances with this quiz. Take a chance to correctly guess inner workings of industrial furniture and how they are used. for more informat

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What features will you look for when buying an industrial workbench for your factory?
What are the advantages of a custom material handling cart?
Check if the following facts are true – Custom material handling carts can improve space management in any setting.
Which of the following statements is applicable only for laminar workstations?
Which of the following features do not belong to industrial utility carts?
How many types of industrial utility carts exist?
Heavy-duty industrial workbenches are suitable for which application?
Which of the following features does not belong to stainless steel worktables?
Laminar flow clean air workstations are best used as –
Why is stainless steel used for manufacturing work benches?
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