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on March 22, 2020 0 views
The Sound Of Silence guitar played by Geoff:
🕯️🌏🌱IT WAS MARCH 2020...But spring didn't know anything.
In spite of everything, despite the virus, despite the fear, despite death...
Because spring didn't know and taught everyone THE POWER OF LIFE...
Footage from 17 March 2020: the Wylerberg-Lake in the place I live: Millingen a/d Rijn, Gelderland.
The streets were empty
The shops were closed
The people couldn't get out
But spring didn't know anything
And the flowers continued to bloom
And the sun shone
And the swallows came back
And the sky turned pink and blue
In the morning we knead bread
And bake cakes
It was getting dark later
In the morning the light came
Early through the windows
🕯️🌏🌱IT WAS MARCH 2020
The youngsters studied online
And in the afternoon
You inevitably played in the house
It was the year when you could
Only go out shopping
Everything was closed
Even the offices, hotels and bars
The army started guarding exits and borders
There was not enough space left
For everyone in hospitals
And people got sick
But spring didn't know and it sprouted
🕯️🌏🌱IT WAS MARCH 2020
All were placed in quarantine
Grandparents, families
And teenagers for health reasons
Then the fear became real
And the days all looked the same
But spring didn't know
And the roses continued to bloom
The pleasure of eating together was rediscovered
To write and read you let your imagination run wild
And boredom became creativity
Some learned a new language
Some discovered art
Students buffed for the last exam
That was still missing for the final exam
One noticed that he was separated from life
And found his way back to himself
The other had stopped negotiating with ignorance
One closed the office and opened an inn
With only four people
The other left his girlfriend to confess the love
Of the best friend to the world
There was someone who became a doctor
To help everyone who needed it
It was the year when one recognized
The importance of health and true suffering
And perhaps also his calling
🕯️🌏🌱IT WAS MARCH 2020
The year the world seemed to stop
And the economy went down the drain
but it didn't stop, it reinvented itself
And spring didn't know,
and the flowers left the place for the fruit
And then came the day of liberation
We were on TV and the Prime Minister
told everyone that the emergency was over
And that the virus had lost
That everyone had won together
And then we went out on the street
With tears in her eyes
Without masks and gloves
Hugged our neighbor
As if he were our brother
And then came summer
Because spring didn't know
And he was still there
In spite of everything
Despite the virus
Despite the fear
Despite death
Because spring didn't know
And taught everyone
The power of life.
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