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Rex Davinci

I am totally new here and I wish to understand how the PETS game works. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.

Topics: pets game
D Poet Rhumour **DX Team**

Hello Rex - I seem to be the first to spot your question - I think many ask in the Pet Chat box  (on the right of the Pet pages) as that is seen by everyone playing, so will mostly get a quick response.

The basics are simple enough, we trade by using cash that we are given when we join, topped up by each log in bonus (1 hour intervals or longer) and by exchanging the gold we are given once daily.  The rates of exchange for gold to cash keep rising, so that helps to balance the opportunities for new players.

Every time we buy a pet, their value increases by 10% and the previous owners gets 5% of the sale price as their profit.  The pet also earns 5% each time they are bought.

Beyond those basics there are many subtleties - some people play with different strategies, buying many pets or buying a few bigger ones, but in general an active pet is regarded as a better investment.  Some players declare themselves to be a No Buy pet - they have some reason to want to stay with their current owner and may be upset if you buy them, however that is not an official rule.

Pet runs are another option, but to start with just buy a few pets from the lowest value tab, or search through the Active pet tab to find players who are busy.  A fast connection is generally needed to keep up with the pet runs, as many players will be clicking at the same time.  The fastest connections may be those offered in the USA,  some places cannot hope to keep up if their connection is a bit slower...  :-(

Merry Xmas & Good luck!




Rex Davinci

I eventually got it but your explanation is very useful. Thanks .

Robert Anderson

I wonder where they got the concept for this game called pets  hmmmm, I better not say which websites that are owned by the same company.  Why is it the same policy, that soon as you oin your account is acutomatically forced into the game pets without asking you if you want to play it or not?  Then your profile piucture is sold around and then your status is told , so and so has not been on is so long or has not bough a pet in so long.  If you opt out when first oinging you should not have anything to do with the game pets period, your picture and status or anything related to the game pets is connected.  Not everyone who joins wants to play the game pets so people think the idea of buying pictures over and over and trying to be worth the most, having the most money, or having the most assets  or owning so many pictures, is just plain stupid.  Not everyone thinks the game is stupid just like not everyone thinks the game is good.  To each their own.