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The Secret Trident Emblem
25 members Pets
This group is made only for the purpose of helping each other out. Please use the symbols beside your names , so we can identify each other. Before you buy or flip any of us with the symbol ,it is recomended that you check in the group if it is a member. We flip biger pets with each other for the cash to stay with us. If one of us is stuck , if we can we help. Must stay active , more then a week absence will be questioned . When you log inn , must buy a pet. When you are bought by any of us ,PLEASE try to help your owner by buying a pet from him/her . Online bullying will not be tolereted in the group , will be automaticly blocked. Enjoy the game and have fun.       Thanks Admin
Admin Live Support
The Fun 4 Friends Union
5 members Pets
United We Stand, Divided We Fall. We are a team, a unit, a group, a community, a union. We are united We band together as a united front as one. We have each other's backs. We talk, discuss things, choices, decisions together as a team, a unit, a group, a community, a union. We do things, we get things done, we make a change, we make a difference, we lobby. We are also pet players.  
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Pets market
52 members Pets
 WE LOVE YOU ALL  You can buy and sell pets here, just make your offers. Invite your friends, so we can buy and sell more..