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Maybe in the first half of this year, there is no news of the first-party game, and the "collection" released in late March! The animal friends association has almost contracted all the traffic and attention of Nintendo in the first half of the year, and the blockbuster will be detonated next week. Today, akrpg.com is on the set, to share things about Animal Crossing New Horizons with you guys! You can buy ACNH Items, Nook Miles Ticket and Bells here with a cheap price.

What was the original "Animal Crossing New Horizons" like?

In April 2001, the first anime forest landed on Nintendo's N64. The game is called "Animal Forest", which belongs to Nintendo's first party game IP. At that time, the picture of the game was like this:

The game was set as a social simulation game, and later it was loved by the players for its high degree of freedom. In the game, the player plays the human role of a "villager" and lives in an anthropomorphic animal village. The village occasionally holds various activities, such as planting flowers and plants, exchanging letters and gifts with villagers, etc. The most important point is that the time in the game is completely synchronized with the real time.

The most acclaimed degree of freedom in the game is that there is no task constraint and no time limit. You are allowed not to make friends with your neighbors, or you can fish without farming. The game has no hunger value and no amount of blood. You don't need to worry about living like other survival games. You can spend the day even if you don't do anything. It's like a paradise. Although such a mechanism is not novel now, it was definitely a bold idea at that time.

The game includes weather, season and day night system. In different weather and seasons, there will be different random events (full of Nintendo's unique Mystery). Because time and reality are synchronized, there will be different activities in specific festivals, such as Christmas and Halloween. But if you miss it, you have to wait until next year. (the earliest version of the machine can be adjusted through time.)

Like many famous Nintendo IP, even though many sequels have been released, the game still maintains the earliest core playing method, and continuously optimizes the player's experience on this basis.

What is the game about?

As many players have said, this is not so much a "farming game" as a mortgage repayment game. As a new resident, you need to have a place to live on the island just now. The shopkeeper of the profiteer's grocery store, Li Ke (the one below), will give you a small house first and tell you that I have given you the house, but you have to pay the mortgage yourself. So there is a task in the game that is not a task: pay back the money.

Although lik wants you to repay the mortgage, it doesn't matter if you want to choose not to. The loan has no interest and no time limit. The price of not paying it back is just that you can't make your house bigger. If you choose to be content with the status quo, you can certainly experience the leisure life in the game. If you are willing to repay the mortgage, then you can have a bigger house and more mortgage!

Now that you can have a bigger house, dressing up your own house is essential! In the past, all kinds of furniture are the hearts of the players. Sometimes there are special limited furniture in different festivals. The furniture system in this new work is still a bright spot.

In addition to furniture, you can also buy clothes of different kinds and colors in different seasons and dress yourself up. If you have excellent painting skills, you can also wear clothes drawn by yourself.

To buy a house, to buy clothes, of course, you need money! Where does the money come from? In the past, you could make money by working - fishing, picking fruits, planting flowers, catching insects! But the quickest way to make money is to resell radishes - buy them from my mother-in-law, wait for the price to rise and sell them to lik. The way of trading radish in stocks once helped a lot of players rush to a well-off life.

In addition to the above, the most important point is the interactive system of the game. Don't forget that it's a social game. The animals in the game have their own ideas and different personalities, so that they don't look like a pile of data, but more like your friends in the game. They are waiting to meet you in the game world, sometimes they will do some annoying pranks, sometimes they will move out of your life.

This kind of unpredictable fetter system is actually Dongsen's biggest killer.

What does the new zomori have?

The new generation of "gather! What is the content of Animal Friends Club? Let's review the information of Dongsen! The first is the further improvement of the image quality, which I don't need to say. In fact, you can see it

More colorful clothes, more changeable houses, more colorful decoration systems, and characters can make their own faces

Rich changes in the four seasons, more free terrain design, you can change the terrain to completely create the look of your favorite home (new money points appear!)

You can also have a good time with your real friends in the island you created. Even friends who don't meet very often can cultivate feelings with them in the game.

The above are all the contents about the new work extracted from the face-to-face meeting and promotional video. But this is an introduction to the game, so I will not analyze the details of the game.

To sum up the content of the meeting is to enrich and improve the former in an all-round way. Of course, it must be upgraded, new host, new works, and better game environment. It must be a richer game than the previous one.

Even after watching the face-to-face meeting and the propaganda film, many players still have the question: where is the fun of Dongsen?

The rise of technical power and richer game elements are just telling old players that the game that once accompanied you will reappear in a richer form. It's just adding a layer of cream to the company of Dongsen. As mentioned earlier, it has been about 19 years since the first movie "moving forest". In the past decade, it has never changed the core of the game - it's a game that accompanies you.

Why do I still don't know about Watson?

Because it is a game in which only one can make a fetter with one's own feelings.

When you hear a lot of players describe their experiences, you may have listened to their sharing carefully, and it looks interesting and moving, but you still feel confused and don't know what the game is about. We shared our feelings in the game, and the players felt the company in the game. This unspeakable charm is very difficult for the players who don't understand to feel it through just a few words.

The game system can be described in detail, but players have different feelings. What kind of game is "Dongsen"? It is not a cloud game, this game is mainly accompanied by the lack of company with you. I can tell you how the game system works, but the most touching part still needs you to feel in the game.

May you also harvest the best friendship in unmanned island!