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Festive Wrapping Paper is an exclusive Animal Crossing New Horizons item that can be obtained via the Toy Day event. Purchasing Animal Crossing New Horizons Red Wrapping Paper requires 160 bells. Choose to purchase Animal Crossing Red Wrapping Paper on AKRPG with a total price of 0.11USD. There are several ways where you can buy some cheap animal crossing items, and we are going to provide it with the lowest ACNH red paper price. It's not easy to create a high number of ACNH bells; knowing how to sell and how much money an item is worth will make a significant difference. You can earn 40 bells if you sell the red wrapping paper when you don't require it. 

How to Get ACNH Festive Wrapping Paper?
1. You have to find and collect Christmas ornament crafting materials to craft the Festive Wrapping paper item after unlocking its DIY recipe. You can find these small ornaments during the festive season from December 15th to January 6th. Here are the necessary components in the recipe to craft the Red Wrapping Paper: red ornament, blue ornament, and gold ornament. 
2. Check under the shelf in Nook's Cranny. There will be two available colors and the colors will change every day. 
3. After you give all presents on Toy Day, visit any villager and have no wrapped presents in your inventory. You can only get 3 red wrapping paper from the villagers on Christmas Eve. You can only use this wrapping paper once. 

How to Get Festive Wrapping Paper DIY Recipe?
The Festive Wrapping Paper DIY crafting recipe can be unlocked exclusively by playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the Toy Day event held on December 24th! Look out for Jingle outside of Resident Services during the event and speak with Jingle to learn about Toy Day. He’ll share his present wrapping troubles with you and ask you to craft 3 pieces of wrapping paper for him. The Festive Wrapping Paper DIY recipe will be in your inventory after talking to Jingle, so be sure to learn it by using the card and start hunting down those Ornaments to craft it! This is required to progress in the Toy Day event and you won’t be able to play further if you don’t craft three of this item. Another way to get Christmas Ornaments on Toy Day is by entering Resident Services and speaking to Isabelle. She’ll be able to help you out by finding some spare Ornaments behind her desk!