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Adam Alford
June 14, 2021
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Curious in seeing how much you know about Abu Dhabi? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about the largest city in UAE. Let’s begin! For more info visit

What is the name of the unique marine animal that inhabits Abu Dhabi's waters?
What percentage of the UAE is occupied by the emirate of Abu Dhabi?
What are the most important crop in Abu Dhabi and the country's greatest agricultural export by value?
How many permanent galleries will the Louvre Abu Dhabi feature?
What do more than 20,000 contestants participate in during an annual event in Abu Dhabi?
The Empty Quarter, often known as the Rub al Khali, is the world's largest continuous_______?
What is the reason behind the name Abu Dhabi?
What is the height of the largest jeep that can only be found in Abu Dhabi?
Which industry in the jewellery sector has Abu Dhabi mastered in?
Masdar, the world’s most modern city with a fully renewable energy supply is planned to be completed in which year?
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