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by on December 24, 2019

Protein is very essential for your body as it helps in building lean muscle mass and improves muscle strength along with reducing the recovery time of muscle tissues. Considering the hectic lifestyle today it has become very challenging to consume protein on daily basis just through your diet. This is the reason why a lot of protein supplements have surfaced the market today.

These protein powders are very popular among active gym goers who are involved in heavy workouts to get the perfect toned and chiseled body. You must have come across many mouths blabbing about the negative effects of these protein supplements. They quote various negative effects of protein supplements and one such is its negative impact on kidneys. Now, the truth is that ‘Consuming excess protein does not cause any harm to your kidneys’. While you might have heard that if you have any kidney issues or damaged kidneys, consuming protein is dangerous. This is a very different aspect. It says that if you are already suffering from any kidney disease or issues, consumption of excessive protein can be a problem for you, but it does not say that by consuming protein you will damage your kidneys.

Causation does not justifies correlation. This is a very popular saying in science. It means that if two events are happening together, it doesn’t mean that one is the cause of the other. So same is the case with protein consumption. There are various studies which reveal that consuming protein with a healthy kidney causes no ill-effect on the kidney functions.

The first study being talked about is the study which was conducted on an extensive scale and is a long-term study which was focused on determining the affect of over consumption of protein on kidney functions. This study was published in The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism in 2016. In this study, 14 advanced athletes were taken as subjects who were involved in resistance training. They were given a very high-protein diet for 1 year. Their daily protein intake was 3.3g protein per kg body weight. This is a very high amount of protein. For straight one year, this practice was followed and after a year, the results showed that the kidney and liver functions in all the tested individuals were normal. Their lipid profile and fat percentage was also normal with no changes. So this long-term study proved that consuming high protein has no relation with kidney dysfunctions and causes no harm to kidney. Another study being talked about in this video is a study published in Journal of Nutrition in 2018 and conducted by Canadian research team. This study was a meta analysis. A meta analysis is a study which is conducted by combining and referring to a majority of previous studies conducted in that specific area previously. This study was an assimilation of 28 independent research studies. The results of this study also revealed that consuming excess protein does not causes any harm to kidneys.

Now you must say that taking a high protein diet might not cause damage to kidneys but protein supplements can do the damage. Here what you need to understand is that the whole matter is of protein consumption, be it in form of whole foods or via supplements. If you are consuming protein through whole foods or supplements or a mixture of both, you are helping your body. Consuming protein in good quantity will help you in strengthening your muscles and will also enhance your muscle size, helping in gaining lean muscle mass too. It also helps in speeding up the recovery of muscle tissues after you have been indulged into an intense workout. Protein is a very essential component for your body. If you talk about Indian dietary habits especially, it becomes even more important to take protein in the form of supplements as Indian diet is not protein-rich. So, know the truth, that protein just does good to your body without causing any harm to kidneys or any other body parts.

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