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Sumita Sofat
by on April 25, 2019

Whether you are trying to conceive right now or going to plan it after some time, it would be better if you check your fertility status. Here are some signs which tell that you having a fertility issue.

If your menstrual cycle is not regular then it indicates that there is some fertility issue. This means you are experiencing the issue of ovulation. Moreover, it also indicates other issues such as PCOS, ovarian reserve is low, thyroid dysfunction, and primary ovarian insufficiency. The doctors for Infertility Treatment in India are highly experienced and well-qualified.

Additionally, if you notice sudden hormonal changes such as breaking out of the skin, which was more prominent when you were a teenager. This also means there is some issue with fertility because of imbalance in the hormones.

If you are overweight then you might face difficulty in conceiving. Even many studies have shown that women who are overweight and underweight will face problem in conceiving as compared to those who are normal weight.

If you had a health-related problem earlier then it might decrease your fertility level. You should seek the help of the best fertility expert so that they can guide you which method of treatment will suit you best.

Posted in: Health
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