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FIFA 21 wants the fastest player. It's a very realistic football simulation game, but the mentality is that the more goals you score, the more fun you have. In FIFA, 45 minutes and a half is only four minutes, so speed is the key, which means fast players tend to dominate. It doesn't always work that way. Early cross as a high forward in the game is effective, fast through the gap can make up for players can not break through the defense, but why do they make it difficult? Top 20 Quickest Player In FIFA 21 In FIFA 21, speed is determined by two factors. Speed up and sprint. Sprint speed is the speed you can run at full speed, and acceleration is the speed you can reach the highest speed. Acceleration is more important because players tend to run with short darts, but they need at least good sprint speed to really effectively reach the top speed. With this in mind, players with the same speed level are listed as accelerators. At the meantime, FIFA 21 coins is always another way to equip your speed in the game.   20. LAFA LM, Benfica, 94, pace, 83 Rafa is a good place to start this list. Not because he's in the top 20, but because he's comprehensive. His total score of 83 is not surprising, but unlike some here, he is suitable for most teams and his speed is incredible.   19. Inaki Williams st, Athletic Bilbao, speed 94, total score 81 Williams and Rafa are very similar, but the competition for the forward position is very fierce. In the late 1980s, when many players were looking for him, Rafa's two points would be very different. However, if you want a good striker who can easily get rid of the defender, he's the one for you.   18. Krepin diatta RM, Bruges club, speed 94, total score 77 Diatta is where things start to get tricky, depending on what you use this guide for. The ultimate team's total score of 77 points means that despite his speed, the best team won't disturb him. But if you want to build a cheap career model team, with statistics in all the right places, join diata.   17. Chidera ejuke LW, CSKA Moscow, speed 94, total score 75 Hey, you know what we just said to diatta? I don't know. But for ejuke.   16. Sadio mane LW, Liverpool, speed 94, total score 90 OK, we like big boys now. Manet may only be in 16th place, but his overall score and amazing dribbling and shooting data make him one of the best players here. In ultimate team, you will be lucky to catch him, but in online or professional mode, you can release him at will.   15. Nikola Mileusnic-LW, Adelaide UTD, 94 Pace, 64 All Speed is important in FIFA 21, but that's not all. After his speed, mileunsnic's next highest key figure was dribble, down to 65. A lower synthesis than him. If you want to get him early, or if you are building a low-cost professional team in the lower leagues, go to him. If not, be sure to avoid it.   14. Tom Barkhuizen RM, Preston North, speed 94, total score 72 Barkuizen is better than mileusnic and silver than bronze, but obviously the first-class ultimate team still won't make room for him. If you want to join the all bank all star team for any reason, Barkhuizen should be number one.   13. Aurelio buta Rb, Antwerp, 94 pace, 76 all All in all, we gave a general warning to player 80. Buta is a different story. Most of the players on this list are offensive players. Offensive players generally have high FIFA scores, so the level 76 defensive players of 94 pace can not be ignored. There are better defenders, of course, but buta is good at fighting the opponent's speed demons.   12. Gelson Martins RM, as Monaco, 94 speed, 80 total Martins is at the forefront of what he deserves. His 80 year old is not only not very good, but also good, and he has 94 pace and 85 dribbles, which means it's hard for him to pass the ball. But he's struggling with the final product, so it can be frustrating.   11. Inseong Kim LM, Ulsan Hyundai, 94 speed, 71 overall Here, you can develop and repeat the advice to all silver players. Unless you want a silver team in particular, it's definitely not worth it, but according to the league he's in, it's worth a try in career mode.   10. Leon Bailey LM, Bayer Leverkusen, speed 94, total score 80 It made it into the top 10 with a slightly quirky voice, and Bailey's story is similar to Gelson Martins and Inaki Williams. 82 dribbles and 76 shots meant he had good control, but he couldn't support his explosive speed in many other ways.   9. Achraf Hakimi RM, inter, speed 94, total score 83 Although three points ahead of Pele, hockey me has the same dribble data, poor shots and slightly better passes. Apart from the mane, we still didn't get a big hitter.   8. Ismaila Sarr RM, Waterford, 94 pace, 78 all In the career model, Sal has to be a very close person. He is playing for the EFL championship and he is only 23 years old, so he will develop over time. In ultimate team, it may be an early deal, but don't build your team around it.   7. Anibal Chala lb, Dijon FCO, speed 95, total score 69 We're a 95 pace player now, but Chala can take low numbers as a defender, but 69 is too low unless he's on a silver team. Again, it's pretty good to tie your shoelaces in professional mode, but ultimate team offers better players.   6. Kensuke Nagai st, FC Tokyo, 95 pace, 70 total score Another silver player. He's quick, but he's not good enough at anything else, so it's not worth it. Career model, etc.   5. Vincius Jr LW, Real Madrid, speed 95, total score 80 The total score of 80 points doesn't seem to be so special. Venisius's 71 passes and 69 shots were dirty, but the ball was dribbled 86 times on him. It seems that we should celebrate the arrival of the top five and the first big name player since mane, but in fact, the statistics of Vinicius Jr in the ultimate team and career model are impressive, but not in line with the price.   4. Dan James-RM, Manchester united, 95 Pace, 77 PTS This is a story similar to that of vinikus. We all know Dan James, he will continue to improve in the next few seasons, but now FIFA has only 76 dribbles, 70 shots and 69 passes. He's not an all-around player to invest in. This is his high praise. Choose the discount below to learn more.   3. Alfonso Davis lb, Bayern Munich, speed 96, total score 81 Alfonso Davis may now be the best full back in the world, as reflected in FIFA 21. The young Canadian didn't seem to have a high score, but the defender got a good deal and surpassed the other two guards in head and shoulder. It's on this list. With lightning speed, impressive dribbler, defense and physical strength, Davis is a must-have for the speed trading team.   2. Kylian mbappe st, Paris Saint Germain, speed 96, total score 90 Like mane, it will be very lucky to have mbape join ultimate team, but you can use his speed mercilessly in online or professional mode. As one of the best players in the game, mbape's potential in the game is getting better and better, which gives him a lead over Lionel Messi.   1. Adama Traore RW, Wolverhampton Rangers, speed 96, total score 79 You may think it's disappointing to see 79 all-around athletes at the top of this list, but looking at the statistics shows that's not the case. In addition to his speed, Traore also has 86 dribbles and 80 physical examinations, which makes him fast, technically flexible and very strong. If you play correctly, you won't be able to catch the ball from Adama Traore. You need someone to pass with him, but Traore is designed to explode or destroy the back line.