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FS Technology is the best PCB assembly company. We have our own unique experience on how to place PCB components during the assembly process. The following is the specific content. HDI PCB Assembly As human beings have higher and higher requirements for electronic devices, people prefer small and powerful electronic products. In this era of miniaturized HDI PCBs, the space design of the printed circuit board often affects the proper placement of components. FS Technology advocates improving the performance and signal quality of electronic equipment through reasonable component placement. From our past assembly cases, reasonable component placement can not only reduce PCB manufacturing costs, but also speed up production progress. This is why customers will give priority to the level of designers when choosing a turnkey PCB assembly company. In order to make your HDI PCB Assembly even better, in the following articles, we will describe how to properly place components in manufacturing and operation, how to improve your PCB assembly layout. Here are the specifics: Basic Concepts of PCB Design PCB Component Design Sketch Component layout is the first step in PCB design, and its importance is believed to be best understood by you as a designer. In general, what we usually refer to as a layout drawing is a sketch that needs to be provided to a service provider prior to one-stop PCB assembly. This sketch contains the required components, the locations between components, and details of the circuit and interconnect blocks. PCB Design System We usually refer to a drawing showing a two-dimensional circuit as a schematic, which shows the relationship between various functional and non-functional components and is a basic drawing. How to Improve PCB Component Mounting Design Select components according to the function required by the PCB Looking for a suitable turnkey supplier, here I recommend FS Technology to you Reasonably designed PCB schematic Importance of the above 3 steps PCB components The bare PCB board cannot complete the work. Its working principle is to realize the installation of components through the pcb assembly process steps, and realize the electrical connection between the components through the PCB board to achieve your intention. The right PCB supplier For a qualified turnkey PCB assembly company, a professional PCB designer is essential. Choosing the top assembly company means you will get a super team of designers. This will make your project even more powerful. Reasonable PCB schematic I believe that as a designer, you must know what is SMT . The PCB diagram links the schematic to the layout. It can make manufacturers more handy when it comes to SMT assembly operations. Additionally, smaller components such as bypass capacitors and termination resistors will be incorporated into the design more quickly rather than ending up crammed into the design. Floor plans provide insight into how signals move between workspaces. For more efficient boards, add power enhancements whose signals do not need to go through complex parts of the RF circuit. Plan your installation to keep connection lengths as short as possible. As part of the high-speed signal path, multiple links connecting serial nodes should be placed as close together as possible. Designers should consider road access when planning component placement to ensure adequate clearance. The above is the whole content of this article. If you are new to the PCB industry, FS Technology recommends that you read the article PCB vs PCBA first. This article is mainly about conceptual knowledge and will be more helpful to you.