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Harvey is one of the unique characters you don't really use, but it is a fun change to the comfortable animal cruising experience. Harvey was first added to New Leaf as part of the welcome amiibo update and is very new to this game. He operated the campsite, where visitors and amiibo characters slept. He also offered goods which could be bought with meow vouchers. A new kind of New Leaf currency gained by doing special missions. Harvey returned in a touch of a different job to New Horizons. With some of the amiibo features, he always is the key guy, but we don't need it as frequently as we did in New Leaf. *Harvey's photographs After you let your third villager move in, Harvey will appear on your island. He will introduce himself and welcome you, anytime you want him, to use his island. A little chit-chat with Orville can get you in a jiff at the airport. You will be in his cabin until you arrive or as he likes to name it photopia. There's a normal player house inside, but it's vacant. These rooms can be decorated with everything in your furnishings catalog and as many animal crossing items as you want can be placed. You're not restricted to what's in your warehouse or your wallets right now. But you can't carry certain things with you, hundreds of pillows remain in this photographic world. You should even ask the existing villagers to take pictures. Put them in the room somewhere and send them every response you want. Amiibo cards are also a choice for bringing villagers into the building, although you can only get up to ten animal villagers in the house at once. Bringing to Harvey Island villagers would free up the ability to buy a poster. This is a big poster with the same image as the framed picture you get through being the village's best mates. You will also get posters with special characters as long as the amiibos are scanned. His house hosted last June's wedding affair. This festival lasted during June Reece & Cyrus renewed their vows, and it was up to us to decorate the space to the full. This has won us heart crystals that can be used for exchange in wedding furniture. The more you decorate, the sooner you receive heart crystals. People have done some wild stuff on Harvey's Island, you're lacking if you don't realize who is bad and you can search all the blown movies you create in the photograph. There are too many ways to stretch a mechanic's limits in this video. It's stupid. It's ridiculous. For more, Harvey was part of the wedding case, gave us an excuse to visit him and take a few minutes to escape our islands, where we spend 99% of our time. It may be used for additional activities. The audience would like an opportunity to see one of the coolest pets in the series. We love his feeling, the smile he brings to the game's environment is fantastic. First, it seems like his island was supposed to be a sort of hub to other islands before the game came out, something like a massive archipelago of other interesting things as a consumer island, but obviously it wasn't because, frankly, the dialog might have so many options. He's a cool dog who people love and hope he's always seen and not lost in future.
Naruto Uzumaki
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